Sarah Jessica Parker in a screenshot for her commercial for Solitaire Grand Harvest Source: YouTube

What Would Carrie Bradshaw Think of SJP Promoting Addictive Gaming App?


"People can't help themselves," Sarah Jessica Parker says in a behind-the-scenes video an ad for Solitaire Grand Harvest, a gaming app she is promoting in a commercial.

If there ever was a definition of addiction, it is that; and that Parker encourages gambling with such blithe spirit only makes you wonder what would Carrie Bradshaw think? Does such a commercial damage the character's brand?

Parker has spent decades cultivating Bradshaw's sophisticated look and A-list Manhattanite lifestyle, as well as her role of moral arbitrar in the lives of those in her circle. But she's gone a long way since was frantically writing columns to fill her ‎Manolo Blahnik habit, becoming in the "SATC" sequel "And Just Like That," one of New York's one-percent. But throughout both series Carrie's quick to judge, a bit of a snob, and an ultra-fashionista.Would she be caught using the app on her iPhone15 plus sitting in Café Chelsea dressed in the latest from hot designer Grace Ling while waiting to have lunch with Charlotte? Even if so, doubt she'd admit it.

Or would Bradshaw approve of the ad's cheaply made look that is typical those seen after hours on cable. (We came across it after midnight on CNN, but haven't seen it during the day).

It is, though, the kind of spot you would likely find some over-the-hill TV star promoting, such as Dr. Phil (who has promoted it), that looks as cheap as it costs.

Over at the commercial monitoring site, the commercial has an entry and can be seen in its entirety, but curiously leaves Parker's name out in the actor field.

So, we couldn't help but wonder: What if Carrie Bradshaw came across the ad while channel-surfing? Would she be appalled by Parker's, well, rather crass endeavor? This isn't, after all, for a couture designer promoting a new fragrance. This is for an addictive gaming app. Of course, SJP is not Carrie Bradshaw, and the world of "And Just Like That" is fictional.It could be the real-life Parker is more represented by the beaming, down-to-Earth persona seen in the ad. But few actresses are as identified with a character and her luxe lifestyle than Parker. Why tarnish the brand?

Watch the behind the scenes video.

This may be why Parker is featured in a "Behind the Scenes" video that shows her interacting with the staff and commenting on the experience. "Everyone's been really nice. Being back on the set has been really nice. The campaigns are really smart and sweet and fun. And made it impossible to say no."

Or perhaps the reason is Parker's personal connection, which she confesses. "Someone in my family who shall remain nameless, does have a relationship with the solitaire game.... The thing that's appealing about the game is the surprise prize. What you conquer, how you move through it is like you have your own loan relationship with it. That's like, Yours. I think people are looking for little sanctuaries everywhere, a little respite. It doesn't matter where you live, you want to be someplace else. And the product is fun. It's whimsical and is creating like little vignettes that show that this story can be for people. Charming illustrations that people connect to it and love it."

"Solitaire Grand Harvest is one of the great online games developed by Supertreat, a Playtika studio," reads a description on the app reporting site Sensor Tower. "Solitaire Grand Harvest is intended for those 18 and older. Solitaire Grand Harvest does not require payment to download and play, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Solitaire Grand Harvest may also contain advertising. You may require an internet connection to play Solitaire Grand Harvest and access its social features. You can also find more information about the functionality, compatibility and interoperability of Solitaire Grand Harvest in the above description and additional app store information."

But on a Reddit comment board about the game, user Red_Inferno came down hard on its functionality:

"I often refer to the games that swagbucks has us play for money as 'shit mobile games' but this one takes the cake. It had less strategy than Wizard of Oz slots I just played... the game is just unfair and frustrating. At level 23 (of like 300+ you need to get to) I was losing like every other attempt and even good ones I was getting like 1-2 stars. I am hardly bad at these types of games, but it came down to equal chance coin flips (say 2 7's) with equal amount of cards revealed by picking either. You get a lot of dead draws too where if say you miss the coin flip and you reveal a 10 instead of 2 you just lose."

But numerous users responded with its ease of use and fun factor.

And an aggregate rating of 31 users from APPGAMER, Solitaire Grand Harvest receives 3.1 out of 5 stars.

Some comments are positive:

"It's fun, easy and passing the time. Challenging enough to be fun," writes one guest reviewer.

While others complained about some aspects:

"Not much instruction when you complete the albums, so that really sux," wrote a second guest.

And from a third: "Is an okay game as long as it is freebies which it don't."

But a user named Gamersunite wasn't so kind: "TERRIBLE, STAY AWAY. I'm in the Master's League (highest levels) and have been playing since the start of Covid. This is by far the most manipulative game I have ever come across. I haven't spent 1 cent on it, and I would never buy anything from these money grabbers. Yes, that's how frustrating this game is. You will feel like you are at a casino with thinly veiled tactics like you just need one more card, or let you win a few games first and get you hooked. Pls do not play this game if you have an addictive personality! I don't want you to get scammed! If you like solitaire, try Fairway by Big Fish.

"It doesn't make you feel like you're in Vegas. Btw, I would rather save up money to go to Vegas instead of buying anything from these jerks, at least I would have a chance of winning something real there! It doesn't matter if you have 25 million credits, you will lose it all!"

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