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From Your Lottery Play to Our Students' Tomorrows


It All Started in 1995

Initially, the Oregon Lottery was founded to help support economic development. After ten years, Oregon voters decided to allocate a portion of Lottery proceeds to support our schools. Today more than fifty percent of all Lottery profits provide valuable funding for Oregon's public schools, from kindergarten all the way through college. In total, that's more than nine billion dollars since 1995.

Dollars Flow Across the State

The dollars flow to all 197 school districts in every county of the state. Their impact is felt in tiny, one-room schools like Ashwood School in Jefferson County to Sherwood High School's massive new campus in Washington County. This funding helps support everything from teacher salaries to classroom technology, textbooks, enrichment programs and more.

What educational institutions are benefiting from the Lottery? Here are just a few:

Source: Courtesy Oregon Lottery

Oregon School for the Deaf

The Oregon School for the Deaf is one recipient of Lottery money. As the school's website notes, "The Oregon School for the Deaf will receive approximately $2.1 million in Lottery dollars this year."

The students take an active part in helping ensure their school has the funds it needs, and they "get creative" about finding ways to help finance their education. It's a challenge, but one the school takes on with enthusiasm.

The school's site notes that the money provided by the Lottery is "only a fraction of what they'll need to serve the needs of their very unique student body. And OSD dreams of providing the best technology and facilities money can buy to fully support Oregon's deaf and hard-of-hearing students."

Career Technical Education

Not simply a vo-tech school that teaches welding and woodworking, CTE is thoroughly in step with the 21st century and the demands faced by today's workforce.

"In addition to traditional woodshop, metals and automotive classes, CTE has expanded to subjects from marketing to medicine and more, preparing graduating seniors for potentially hundreds of careers," the school's website explains.

"CTE gives students the skills to enter the workforce or take their education further with college – all while improving graduation rates."

Source: Courtesy Oregon Lottery

Beaverton Mountainside High

This new, state-of-the-art high school boasts "342,000 square feet, laid out on a 47-acre campus," according to its website, with "53 general classrooms, five special education classrooms, 11 science labs, a large wood shop, rooftop solar panels and four turf fields."

With an anticipated capacity of 2,200 pupils, the school is a bold step forward when it comes to educating the next generations. And how is it possible? With your participation as Lottery player.

"Your Oregon Lottery dollars helped cover the cost to build this future-forward school," the website notes.

When You Play, You're Helping Our Schools

When lots of Oregonians each play their favorite Lottery games – like Powerball, Keno, Scratch-its and more – dollars add up for education. Your play today helps make a better future possible for students, and, through them, for all of us. Thank you for playing!

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