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Drag Star and Environmental Activist Pattie Gonia Releases New Queer Anthem, 'Made It Through the Night."


Critically acclaimed drag queen, songwriter and environmental activist Pattie Gonia is back with a brand new single, "Made It Through The Night." The track is a love letter to the queer community and focuses on the power of survival, not just for the queer community, but for all of us who choose to be courageous.

Pattie Gonia is an artist, drag queen, and environmentalist. For Pattie, drag is an art form to explore queerness and fight for our climate. Their work in the environmental and queer spaces has earned her connection with a devoted fanbase of more than 1,000,000 people, as well as worldwide recognition including features by Instagram, Vogue, New York Times, and collaborations with NASA, Smithsonian, and REI. Winner of Outside Magazine's person of the year 2022, Pattie produces and stars in sold-out drag shows across the nation, performing at rural and outdoor pride festivals including producing Pride Outside in Yosemite National Park for more than 1000 queer park employees. Their debut album is scheduled for release in 2024.

"Scientists agree that birds sing to each other in the morning to tell each other they made it through the night," Pattie Gonia says at the start of the video for "Made It Through the Night." "I think that queer people do the same. Pride is our bird song. We are here. We made it through the night."

In a press release, she adds: "This song is for everyone who has chosen to be courageous. Take pride in who you are. We made it through the night. Creating this song and music video was a celebration of Queer history."

Watch Pattie Gonia's video for "Made It Through the Night."

"Made It Through The Night" is produced by Grammy award-winning Producer Tyler Chester (Madison Cunningham, Blake Mills, Andrew Bird) and features performances by violinist Paul Cartwright (Kendrick Lamar, Bright Eyes, Olivia Rodrigo) and drummer Amy Wood (Fiona Apple). Pattie Gonia spent a week in Los Angeles with queer artist Semler writing "Made It Through The Night."

Pattie Gonia is currently nominated for a GLAAD Award in the category of Outstanding TV Journalism Segment titled "How Eco-Drag Queen Pattie Gonia Defines What It Means to Fight for the Environment" for her interview on ABC's "Nightline. "

Watch Pattie Gonia on ABC's "Nightline."

The new single follows Pattie's most recent release, the empowering climate change anthem "Won't Give Up," with 19-time Grammy Award-winning cellist Yo-Yo Ma and Indigenous trans musician and Tiny Desk Contest winner Quinn Christopherson.

Watch Pattie Gonia perform "Won't Give Up"

For more on Pattie Gonia, visit her website.

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