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Out Singer Omar Apollo Dishes on Album in Progress that's 'Leaning Toward Anger'

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Out singer-songwriter Omar Apollo says he's working on a new album that's "going really well," even if "the songs are leaning toward anger," the Star Observer reported.

Saying he's "making better songs every day," the 26-year-old recording artist told VMan Magazine, "I'm trying to make the best version of what I can make at this point in my life. It's been maybe six, or seven months now that I've been tapped into 'album, album, album', and nothing else."

"I've reached a really focused feeling now when I go to the studio," Apollo continued. "Like, it feels like it all makes sense. The music seems better. The words are coming out easier. Everything's going really well."

The source of this creative energy? Apollo told VMan that it's anger.

Saying that the new album is "close," though "it's not done yet," Apollo confided that he's "kind of angry. I'm more angry on this album.... A lot of the songs are leaning toward anger."

Given the state of the world, that's not hard to imagine. Bust Apollo didn't go into detail about the source of his rage. "I'm just pissed off," he told VMan. "It's not that deep."

What is deep, or at least a mark of his maturation as an artist and a person, is his newfound ability to communicate his emotions. "As a writer, you know, that can be really hard to channel," Apollo explained. "I sit in a room with three or four other people, and you have to explain to them how you're feeling. But I love that I can do that now. I couldn't before."

Nor does he lack for confidence in his own work. Apollo said that "to be an artist is not to be in service of anyone else's opinions."

"I make music that moves me and I hope it moves other people," he continued.

Added the Grammy nominee, "I do care about the people and seeing their faces react to the music and words, but the pressure is always the one I put on myself.... And you know, I make music for me."

That said, Apollo also copped to an amusing quirk: "I make songs that are literally just for my friends. They'll tell me they're into some type of music, and I get kind of jealous. So I'm like, 'Fine, I'll go to the studio and make a song like that today.'"

"I don't put it out," Apollo added of his dabbling in other styles. "I just send it to them, like, 'This is for you, so you could bump it in the car instead of listening to that other person.'"

Even as he puts the finishing touches on his upcoming sophomore album, Omar Apollo maintains a thirsty Instagram page. Have a look at some of the most delectable posts he's shared.

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