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Springtime is getting ready to blossom in North America, and with it comes a variety of changes. Not only are the flowers ready to bloom and animals waking up from their long winter naps, but humans are also preparing for the seasonal change. There's Daylight Savings Time to get used to, doing more outdoor activities, and, for some, the chance of a new romance.

Since Lazarus Naturals' entire brand is connected to Mother Nature, it's only fitting that they offer CBD products that can help with seasonal changes.

In 2014, wanting to provide people with "farm to front door" CBD products, Lazarus Naturals was created by a team of dedicated people who believe in its holistic benefits.

Since then, they have developed an online presence with many items for helping people with anxiety, insomnia, or stress.

Seasonal changes sometimes can take a toll on a person from the inside. Fluctuations in their mood, disruptions in their sleep cycle, and other disturbances are all a part of it.

Below are some ways that might help with some of these problems as we head from the harshness of winter into the splendor of spring.

CBD Softgels

These CBD Softgels are made from hemp directly harvested from Lazarus Farm. Some people have reported that CBD supplements help boost their mood and calm anxiety.

Spring, for some people, means an increase in socialization because, in certain parts of the country, winters are spent isolated at home.

Of course, experience varies with each individual, but based on mine these worked great before I started to do something that flared up my anxiety. I felt noticeably relaxed around people, and it even relieved some pain I was having in my left forefinger after wrenching it the day before. That benefit is a good indicator of the effectiveness of this brand, which comes in 40 and 100-count bottles with 8,000 and 20,000 mg of CBD respectively.

Cannabinoid Gummies

Some say there aren't enough hours in the day. In spring there are even fewer, thanks to Daylight Savings Time. Although this might benefit some who like longer days, for others it messes with their biological sleep cycle or circadian rhythm.

Lazarus might be able to help with this phenomenon thanks to their full-spectrum cannabinoid gummies. As a writer, all kinds of ideas swirl around my head, and they usually like to appear right at bedtime. It can be a struggle to fall asleep when work is constantly on my mind. I tried these lemon mango-flavored gummies and, although the nagging ideas didn't instantly disappear, they softly faded away into the background, which allowed me to drift off.

Lazarus Naturals gets high marks for their flavor profiles. This one is a sweet but lightly sour lemon mango, which in and of itself is a relaxing experience.

Body Massage Oil

As spring approaches, many people will do more outdoor activities such as tending to their gardens and going for long walks or hikes. That means if you've been sedentary for the past few months, these physical tasks could make your joints sore.

Made with Jojoba and sweet almond oil, this full-spectrum CBD massage oil not only soothes those tired muscles, but allows you a few moments of relaxation. It can also be a nice starter to a romantic evening.

There are two sizes, a 62.5ml bottle and a 500ml bottle. A little goes a long way, so either size should last you a while. Here's a pro tip: If you have a regular massage therapist you go to, take a bottle with you and leave it there for future appointments.

CBD Muscle Gel

In the same vein as above, Lazarus Naturals' CBD Muscle Gel might also help with those springtime aches and pains.

This formula absorbs quickly, and is infused with both menthol and capsaicin. As stated before, I hurt my finger doing something last week and I could barely lift my heavy-insulated metal cup off the table without shooting pain nearly causing me to drop it.

I remembered that I had this gel and I rubbed some on the area. It wasn't immediate relief, but within a few hours the pain was gone. I know this because I forgot about it until the writing of this piece.

Every product that is featured in this article from Lazarus Naturals helped me in some way or another. With spring just around the corner and having to deal with Daylight Savings Time, increased socializing, and the aches and pains of increased physical exercise, these items were very helpful – and, in the case of the gummies, very tasty.

With winter coming to an end, it might be time to explore some holistic options for your therapeutic needs. I found that Lazarus Naturals has a wide array of options that are not only affordable, but yummy and effective.

For more information on Lazarus Naturals, including the full product line visit their website.

*No claims in this article are to be taken as medical advice.

by Timothy Rawles

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