Cycling Frog Helps People Celebrate Life's Sweetest Moments During Springtime


With spring arriving in just a matter of weeks, you can feel love in the air. It's a time for new beginnings, continued intimacy, and romantic adventures, so why not traverse the traditional experiences and connect with your partner by bringing THC or CBD into the fold?

A romantic evening could include alcohol, which does a lot of things like boost confidence, relieve anxiety, or curb inhibitions. But Cycling Frog can do the same thing with their line of THC and CBD products. They are also a trusted company, so crossing over from cocktails to THC gummies or seltzers isn't so much a leap of faith as it is a plunge of assurance.

Whether you and your partner are old THC pros or it's your first time, Cycling Frog has a wide range of products that might enhance your feelings of love. After all, their products are made from it.

Here is a sampling of stuff that will help you usher in spring, its vibrant renewal, and all the wonderful romance that comes with it.

Wintergreen Mints

Cycling Frog's Wintergreen Mints are perfect for people who are looking to explore the buzzword "microdosing." They contain 1mg of THC and 5mg of CBD. They are just strong enough to give you the sweetest little buzz, while keeping you relaxed enough to stave off the pressures of the day. Of course, results will vary, but that was my experience.

They taste refreshing with no bitterness and leave a pleasant taste in your mouth, which, if you are planning a night of romance, is beneficial to everyone.

Another benefit I found myself enjoying is open communication, which is crucial for a healthy relationship. Often, the stress of the day or approaching deadlines can needle their way into your head until it's all you can focus on.

The mints were just strong enough to ease my mind, and I was able to set the phone aside to spend some quality time with my partner. From there we could explore our love languages.

The Wintergreen Mints are $11.99 and come in a collector's tin of 40 mints.

Black Currant THC Seltzer

Spring is the perfect season to get out of the house on the weekend and have brunch or take a brisk walk. The chill hasn't quite left the air, but things are starting to warm up. People might think champagne cocktails and other light alcoholic fizzy drinks are what's called for, and they might be right – but there is something better.

Cycling Frog has a variety of seltzer flavors available as tipple alternatives. I tried their most popular flavor, Black Currant. It has a delicious balance of refreshing flavor and effervescence.

Spring is all about color, and this seltzer is visually satisfying. It has this rich velvety black color which almost looks purple, like an expensive aerated fountain pen ink.

One thing we noticed was the seltzer threw a fragrance that filled the air; it was like standing right next to a ripe black currant bush.

The seltzer has a mouthwatering sweet flavor with 5mg THC and 10mg CBD, which is perfect for people who don't want that wobbly feeling. With love in the air and the weather turning more temperate, the buzz from the black currant seltzer matches the spirit of the budding season.

The Black Currant THC Seltzer is $19.99 per six-pack. Each can is 12oz.

Take And Get Baked Cookie Kit

Upping the dosage just enough to feel a noticeable buzz are these tasty edibles. When the entire package is prepared, each of these delicious cookies contains 5mg of THC and 75mg of CBD, which you're definitely going to feel – though, for some, it's not strong enough to knock them off their boots.

When they think of spring, some people think of rebirth and euphoria. What's great about these edibles is that they're strong enough to amplify your sense of pleasure while smoothing out the high, putting some people into an uplifting state of happiness.

This feeling is enhanced when it's shared with friends or a loved one, bringing this already truly unique experience to the next level.

The Take and Get Baked Magic Cookie Kit mix comes in a box with instructions on how to make 15. The entire unprepared box contains 75mg of THC and 1125mg of CBD.

Iced Tea Lemonade

Spring is an intense time of year. Your senses are overloaded with colors, smells, and tastes. In North America, it's the time when lemons come into season and certain varieties are ready to pick from the tree.

To celebrate this seasonal occurrence, you could order a case of Cycling Frog's popular Iced Tea Lemonade. But this beverage isn't for beginners; with just one 16oz can containing a full 50mg of THC, this is potent stuff. Moreover, it contains 50mg of caffeine for added zest.

This is made with black tea, which gives it a rich flavor combined with the tangy sweetness of freshly-squeezed lemonade. It's best served right from the fridge or poured over ice. Some people like to share it, or have a little now and save some for later using the nifty can saver.

Spring in North America starts on March 20. It's a time when dormant plants come to life, seedlings start to sprout, and hibernating animals emerge from their winter naps. It's also a time for togetherness and new romance. The Cycling Frog products listed above are only a few things they offer to help you celebrate the season's sweetest moments.

For more information visit Cycling Frog's website.

*No claims in this article are to be taken as medical advice.

by Timothy Rawles

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