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Troye Sivan, Omar Apollo Discuss Dating, Touring, and Bringing Boys on the Road

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Out singers Troye Sivan and Omar Apollo chatted with VMAN Magazine in a joint interview in which they looked back on how they first met and mulled the wisdom of bringing boyfriends along on tour versus hitting the road while single.

The magazine got things started by asking the two how they first met. They each had a different take on that, with Apollo guessing it had been at the Loewe fashion show, while Sivan answered, "I don't remember. I feel like for some reason, I have a memory of Blake Slatkin's house."

"Probably!" Apollo said. "That makes a lot of sense. But that has to be like 2018 or 2019, no?"

They agreed that whether it was their first meeting or not, the fashion show was definitely something they both attended, with Sivan saying, "I remember really meeting you for sure" because "It was when you were wearing that coat that was shedding on me."

Sivan was a little less clear on whether that was the occasion when he "wasn't wearing pants," but Apollo verified Sivan's "pantsless" attire at the event, recalling that the "Rush" singer was "giving a whole lot of leg" at the event. "It was a vibe," he said.

But not too wild a vibe; as Sivan then noted, "I'm pretty sure my mom was there as well, so you would have met my mom day one."

"Awww," Apollo cooed. "I need to bring my mom to a fashion show. I brought her to the Grammys," he said.

After delving more deeply into their family backgrounds, the two star musicians discussed their early career days, the perils of live performing (dry throat, cracking voice, stage fright), and how homophobic trolls tell tales about them online. Then they got into truly terrifying terrain: the question of dating, or not, while on tour.

Sivan admitted, "Something that I'm afraid of is, I've never toured single before, so that's going to be really interesting."

"You've never toured single?" Apollo exclaimed. "I've brought boys on tour that I was in love with. That wasn't cool. That was one time, and I was, like, 20, 21. It was terrible."

"That sounds terrible to me," Sivan agreed, nonetheless going on to reflect: "But I don't want to meet people on tour. Like, trying to go on dates when you're in a city for one day. Everything about it sounds really difficult to me, so I'm really curious to see how it unfolds."

Apollo was all for the single life while on the road. "I mean, you've been on tour before," Apollo told him, "but doing it single is way cooler. You don't want to be in a relationship [while touring]. I'm telling you."

by Kilian Melloy , EDGE Staff Reporter

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