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The Importance of Bride Makeup Virtual Trial


A shared desire among most brides is to look radiant on their big day. Something that not only involves looking especially flattering in the dress, but also with the rest of the accessories that make up the bridal look, the hairstyle, and the makeup. Most girls prefer to rely on the expert hand of a professional makeup artist to achieve flawless and luminous skin. However, there are also those who prefer to do their own makeup. In these cases, the reasons are varied, ranging from cost reduction to adding a personal touch. But if there's something essential when opting for either option, it's to do one or several trials before the big day.

In addition to traditional makeup trials, brides now have the option to conduct virtual trials, thanks to platforms like Virtual trials offer several benefits, including convenience and accessibility. Brides can experiment with different makeup looks from the comfort of their own home, saving time and eliminating the need for multiple in-person appointments. Moreover, virtual trials allow brides to try out various styles and shades without committing to a particular look right away. This flexibility enables them to make more informed decisions about their wedding day makeup, ensuring that they feel confident and beautiful on their special day. Additionally, virtual trials can be especially useful for brides who may not have access to professional makeup artists in their area or who prefer to take a more hands-on approach to their bridal beauty routine.

Details Outlined in Trials

Factors Influencing Makeup Choices: If there's one thing both makeup artists agree on, it's that, although most brides opt for a very natural makeup, where nude, earthy, or pink colors are the protagonists, everything influences when choosing the beauty look. "We take into account the bride's style, the overall look she'll wear that day, what hairstyle she's chosen, if she'll wear any color in her hair, the earrings, and the dress. Also, the flowers play an important role for me. I always try to make the shades match the makeup or, at least, not clash. Also, the nail color... You have to have a global image of the bride's style to design the makeup and make everything harmonize," explain the experts. Yael goes a step further and explains that she also uses the trial to detect if any changes are necessary in the bride's facial routine so that her skin is perfect on the big day.

Experimenting with Different Looks

With all these clues, it's time to work on the makeup. "We try different shades of eyeshadow, see which one suits her eye, color, shape the most. We look for the perfect blush for her, a highlighter that looks natural... Every bride is unique! We have to try until we find the most flattering look. I always recommend that they come accompanied by someone they trust to help them decide. It's very important that they don't look disguised, that they're themselves," the expert says. On the other hand, they explain that, on the day of the trial, "during the makeup application, we note down all the products we're choosing in a makeup sketch that I previously design for our appointment. This way, we have everything noted regarding products, shades, and the shape of the makeup, to have it as a 'cheat sheet' on the wedding day."

Embracing Virtual Makeup Trials

But what's most striking is that brides don't always adhere to their initial makeup concepts. "Sometimes, the bride enters with a clear idea of what she wants or envisions, but as we proceed with the trial and she explores alternative options, she may find herself preferring a different look than she initially imagined. Other times, brides have a distinct style and know precisely what they desire, what flatters them, and what reflects their personality. In such instances, it's essential to honor their preferences while offering expert advice and adapting to their vision. Ultimately, the bride should feel authentic and comfortable, avoiding any sense of disguise," explains the expert.

Additionally, many brides bring photos sourced from social media as references, as highlighted by Yael. "It's challenging to find faces that perfectly match ours. It's crucial to adapt these references to suit the individual features of each bride, ensuring that their makeup on the wedding day accentuates their unique beauty. Sometimes, brides show me images of models with bold eyeliner styles, but a different approach may better complement their eye shape. Being open to exploring various options is key," emphasizes the professional.


Both experts agree that, even if the bride is going to do her own makeup, it's important to do a trial that can also be virtual before the big day to define all the aforementioned points. The experts emphasize the importance of closely collaborating with the individual responsible for the bride's hairstyle to ensure seamless coordination between both trials. This allows the bride to envision herself with her entire bridal ensemble. They stress that the bride's dress holds significant importance, alongside her overall image, which encompasses the hairstyle and makeup she'll wear on the big day. It's crucial for her to feel authentic and comfortable.

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