9 Jailed Pending Trial over Allegedly Harassing, Threatening 2 Transgender Persons in Greece


Nine people jailed in Greece will be tried Monday over accusations they harassed and threatened two 21-year-old transgender persons in the northern city of Thessaloniki.

The nine were remanded after appearing before a prosecutor Sunday. Twelve other people, all minors, were released provisionally pending trial on the same charges before a juvenile court.

The charges include abuse with bigoted intent. Two of the adults, who allegedly threw bottles at the transgender persons, were also charged with assault.

Police are looking for more people who might have been involved in the Saturday night incident in Aristotelous Square, the city's main square.

Police said the accused individuals began taunting and cursing the two transgender persons, who decided to enter a restaurant to escape the crowd. Some of the alleged harassers unsuccessfully attempted to enter the restaurant. Police arrived and led the victims away, detaining the suspects on the spot. It was while they were escorted out of the restaurant that the two people were hit by bottles, police said, adding that they were not seriously injured.

The incident drew widespread condemnation from politicians.

Greece's decision last month to legalize same-sex marriage and grant full parental rights to same-sex couples has faced backlash from the Orthodox church and, mostly but not exclusively, from the far right.

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