Chris Kilpatrick (left) with unnamed companion Source: Instagram/Precinct

California Crescenta Valley Councilman Caught Urinating on Door of Popular Gay Bar


Some boys just want to have fun, and other boys have too much fun.

In California, a Crescenta Valley town council member was caught on camera urinating on the door of a popular gay bar with another man. As reported by KTLA, the council member was doing everything you should not do while he was out at the bar Precinct in downtown LA, including taking drinks glasses outside, using the employee entrances, and then public urination.

"Last Saturday night, these two party boys decided to show everyone what not to do at Precinct," wrote the bar in a message on Instagram. "They first left the bar with full cocktail glasses in hand, then decided to go to our employee entrance, whip out their [shrimp emoji] and p**s all over it together."


The incident has put the council member, identified as Chris Kilpatrick, under scrutiny for his behavior.

And there is more. When Kilpatrick was reportedly confronted by the bar's manager about his behavior, he got belligerent.

According to the bar, their manager was physically assaulted and thrown to the ground by Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick has since retained a lawyer and sent out a statement claiming that the alleged physical altercation was in fear that he and his boyfriend would be "possibly gay bashed by these two individuals," KTLA reports.


Further, Kilpatrick's lawyer claimed that the council member was "aggressively" grabbed by individuals that "were not uniformed" and did not identify themselves as Precinct employees.

While Kilpatrick's attorney says the facts are still being gathered, he stated that public urination is not a criminal offense, but rather an infraction that would result in a fine. He then went on to allege that Kilpatrick was acting in self-defense and was actually the victim of battery at the hands of the bar manager who approached him.

Precinct general manager Jeremy Lucindo told KTLA that the bar's social media post was to "call out bad behavior" and not shame anyone. However, commentators were quick to point out that it was indeed Kilpatrick in the video.

KTLA reports that the Crescenta Valley Town Council is aware of the incident and is gathering facts to determine how to proceed. Kilpatrick has been a council member since 2020.

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