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Watch: Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts Share a Steamy Snog in 'AHS: Delicate - Part Two' Trailer

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It seems like forever since "AHS: Delicate" concluded its first five episodes in October and left fans waiting to see what's next. With the remaining four episodes set to premiere on April 3, the season shows no signs of slowing down – and it's definitely heating up, as the trailer for "Delicate - Part Two" shows Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian sharing an eager kiss.

"The Satanic cult-themed new footage confirms that something is very wrong with rising actress Anna Alcott, played by Roberts, who is seen snacking on bones and imagining spiders crawling out of her pregnant belly," The Hollywood Reporter detailed of the new trailer, which dropped March 20.

It's not just Anna's pregnancy that's troubled; so is her career, with Anna pursuing an Oscar. "I can't keep campaigning for this award," Anna laments to Kardashian's Siobhan, who is Anna's friend and agent.

Siobhan responds by slapping Anna across the face – it's more like a right hook than a slap, really – and snarling, "I will not let you say another word about quitting."

Kardashian "was glammed up in a gown to play Siobhan Corbyn as she leaned in for the big smooch," UK newspaper the Daily Mail reported.

"The actress seductively asked Emma, 'What would you give up for it?'" the Mail recounted.

"Emma then replied very convincingly 'anything' as she stared at the bewitching Siobhan."

But clips following the lip-lock are anything but seductive, as women dressed in elaborate black costumes are seen terrorizing Anna, who finally accused Siobhan with: "You're a monster!"

"Oh no, babe," the elegant and chilling Siobhan replies, leaning in close. "I'm so much worse!"

"Delicate" also co-stars model and actor Cara Delevingne. She and Kardashian "were both newcomers to 'AHS,'" THR noted, "while Roberts (who has starred on previous cycles 'Coven,' 'Freak Show,' 'Cult,' 'Apocalypse' and '1984') made her return after a four-year hiatus."

"Michaela Jaé Rodriguez ('Pose'), Matt Czuchry, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Maaz Ali and Juliana Canfield round out the main cast," THR added.

Halley Feiffer writes the current season and also serves as showrunner, THR detailed, with the story being an adaptation of the novel "Delicate Condition," by Danielle Valentine.

by Kilian Melloy , EDGE Staff Reporter

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