InstaHunk: Getting to Know Rising OnlyFans Star Lane Rogers

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Rogers looks just as good in a baby blue outfit as in his birthday suit, flashing this suave combination of light colors. Fans commented how good he looked and how he could upgrade the look more with blue socks and shoes.

Rogers doesn't often sport any facial hair, preferring to stick to his youthful face and features. Using a filter on Instagram, Rogers shows off a hypothetical hairy look that ups his masculinity even more. The style was controversial, with some fans saying he should stick to shaving.

Rogers got to attend Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles in 2022, an opportunity that allowed him to sport an old-school jersey and see the hometown Rams take home the Lombardi. Fans adored Rogers' exuberant smile commemorating the moment.

Rogers goes shirtless in this joyous thirst trap with his chest and arms on full display. He asked fans in the comments section what era the photo feels reminiscent of, to which most fans were too distracted to answer. It's easy to fall in love with Rogers' chiseled body and cute smile. He's got the entire aesthetic down to a science!

Rogers went on a flight with his boyfriend, Chad Alec Estrella Jackson, during the summer of 2021. As a public figure, Rogers's continued endorsement of safety through masking at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic was important. The two look adorable together!

Rogers and his brother enjoy a moment at the Petersen Automotive Museum in 2020. The two must enjoy vehicles and the history of military vehicles as the latter poses in front of a tank. Some fans noticed the resembles between the bros, although it would have been nice to see them in the photo at the same time!

Rogers says he has baby fever as he takes a photo with an adorable child in December 2019. Fans thought Rogers looked handsome and father-like in this throwback pic from the model's early 20s.

What does a hot model's breakfast look like? For Lane Rogers, it seems to be eggs and avocado toast. He apologizes to his boyfriend for taking all of the food, but how could anyone be mad at Roger for too long?

In one of Rogers' most recent photos, the model seems ageless. As he approaches his 30th birthday, he's just as handsome and youthful-looking as ever in a simple mirror selfie.

by Shawn Laib

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