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'9-1-1' Star Oliver Stark to Homophobic Fans Upset at Show's Same-Sex Kiss: 'You Missed the Point'

Kilian Melloy READ TIME: 2 MIN.

"9-1-1" star Oliver Stark had a message for homophobic fans upset that his character, Buck, shared a kiss with another man on the show's recent 100th episode: "I truly don't care."

Stark took to Instagram Stories after the episode aired on ABC, Vulture reported, telling supportive fans, "I've read so many of your messages and I couldn't be prouder."

But for fans who didn't like seeing Buck finally act on seven seasons of implied same-sex desire, he added: "If you are one of the smaller group of people commenting on my posts about how this has ruined the show, I would like you to know that I truly don't care."

"This is a show about love and inclusion," Oliver went on to add. "It's featured queer relationships from the very beginning, including a beautiful Black lesbian marriage played out by two of the best actresses I've ever watched."

"If one other character finding a new facet to his sexuality and realizing his bisexuality is your deal breaker - I fear you've missed the entire point of the show."

As previously reported, fans of the long-running Ryan Murphy-co-created show saw their theories and observations about Buck pay off when, in the episode's closing moments, he shared a kiss with another male character. Only, it wasn't straight best friend Eddie with whom Buck locked lips, as fans might have expected; rather, it was with a recently introduced character, Tommy (Louis Ferrigno Jr.), whose friendship with Eddie had been making Buck feel insecure.

"We've kind of build it as this jealousy," Stark told Variety in comments about the episode, "and I don't think he's necessarily jealous of anyone - he just has these new feelings, and doesn't quite know what word to use or how to comprehend what he's actually feeling."

"And then the payoff at the end is lovely," Stark added, before noting, "It's such a release for Buck and this, quote unquote, 'Oh!' moment. And it is this moment of not just release, but relief."

In a regular Instagram post about the episode, Oliver said he was "finding [his] light," and added: "Thank you all for loving Buck as much as I do... 100 episodes in it's been an honour and a privilege. ❤️"

Supportive fans deluged social media with messages showing their appreciation - and slamming the homophobic responses.

"Ridiculous," one person responded to Starks' Instagram post. "it's not the character's sexuality shift wasn't out of the blue, there's literally breadcrumbs from season one to now".

Another declared that "the biphobia from both straight and gay people needs to be stopped..."

Cheered another, "The bi revolution is here yaaaay".

"the way i felt them about to kiss and jumped when it happened" one person recounted about watching the episode, "omfg ABC ate with that ! 😭"

Posted another: "I haven't had a single coherent thought since."

And another fan posted: "Oliver Stark hit the nail on the head! It's all about love and acceptance here."

by Kilian Melloy , EDGE Staff Reporter

Kilian Melloy serves as EDGE Media Network's Associate Arts Editor and Staff Contributor. His professional memberships include the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, the Boston Online Film Critics Association, The Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association, and the Boston Theater Critics Association's Elliot Norton Awards Committee.

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