Andy Cohen reacts to the news a same sex kiss was cut from Bravo's "Summer House." Source: YouTube

Andy Cohen Loses It on 'WWHL' Because 'Summer House' Produces Cut Scene of Boys Making Out

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One of the "Summer House" producers is in big trouble for allegedly cutting one heckavu juicy scene, and Andy Cohen probably gave them an earful.

During an episode of "Watch What Happens Live: After Show," stars of "Summer House" Kyle Cooke and West Wilson stopped by to answer a few questions about some of the wild and interesting nights they had filming the show. And when they let it slip that there was one night when all the boys of the show started kissing each other, Cohen was visually pissed that the moment did not make it into the show.

"We actually kissed at the campout and they didn't show it. It didn't make the [final cut]," Wilson revealed.

Shocked, Cohen asked, "What?! How did that not make air?"

To which Wilson added, "It was one of the dares. It was like, 'West and Jesse kiss.' And I jumped into his arms."

Cooke also admitted that he and Carl Radke also kissed – which was was apparently so intense that Cooke "fell over" in his chair.

"Yeah, we all kissed. All the dudes made out that night and it didn't make the cut," Wilson said.

After a moment of speechlessness, Cohen looked visually pissed and admonished the show's producer for failing to "give the people what they [want]."

Then he called out the producer directly, "Lauren Eskelin, can you come see me after the show, please? ... What the fuck is that?!"

Wilson called Cooke and Radke's kiss "beautiful." He added, "a special moment for everybody."

And hopefully viewers get to see it soon. Watch the conversation catch Cohen by surprise below.

by Emell Adolphus

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