Mackenzie in the poster art for 'Honey, I Smoked the Weed'

Queen of Ganga, Mackenzie Celebrates 4/20 with Supersized Show, 'Honey, I Smoked the Weed'

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When drag performer Mackenzie first brought a 4/20 show to Provincetown five years ago, they made the mistake of looking at how many tickets had been sold on the day of its performance. "I thought it was going to be my biggest flop," they recalled after seeing only 15 had been sold. "I'm going to be a laughingstock," But right before the performance of "4/20 Heennnyy," the line outside the Pilgrim House went down Commercial Street. And this year, Mackenzie (the drag moniker of Mackenzie Miller) is putting together their biggest show yet with some 15 performers joining them in "Honey, I Smoked the Weed" this April 18 and 20 at the Crown and Anchor. (For ticket information, visit the event's Facebook page.)

"It has just grown exponentially over the years. And it's, it involves so many different media facets and creative minds. And it's a really beautiful expression of the variety of of queer talent in town."

Mackenzie spoke with enthusiasm from Provincetown where they moved to ten years ago after a stint in New York City. They explained how as a teenager growing up in Seattle, fascinated by how the gay bars had huge lines outside them on 4/20. "And when I finally was of age to go, I really just fell in love with the kooky campiness of it all. How they're kind of no rules. And so when I came to Provincetown, and I saw that there was definitely a market for it. This was as the dispensaries were starting to open."

The poster artwork for Mackenzie's 2019 show.
Source: Pamela Smith

Drag came to Mackenzie during their freshman year while attending the Boston Conservatory of Music. They said in an interview that drag came as a child when they would strut around the house in mom's clothes performing to '80s divas songs attentive to the fact that she might pull into the driveway at any moment. They turned to drag more seriously when in college and became part of an annual AIDS drag benefit. After appearing as Mackenzie for the first time, they realized a star was born.

"I guess is the first time I put her in front of everyone. I will never forget that energy that you felt. It was like, 'they're clapping for this moose in a dress!' Like it felt good. It was a drug of choice. It was insane," he recalled on an interview with Talking Joints Memo.

According to its press materials, "'Honey I Smoked the Weed' is inspired by the magical and nostalgic world of 90s films and set against the backdrop of the lush ecosystems of Ptown, follow Mackenzie and her creepy-crawly friends into the micro-verse of "Honey, I Smoked the Weed." It's a limited run of only two nights, so make sure to grab your tickets in advance and prepare to be big-time astounded by this teeny-tiny world!

"Back for its fourth year, this larger-than-life spectacle is packed with a powerhouse lineup of Provincetown queer talent. Mackenzie, one of the Crown & Anchor's resident headliners, will be joined by Qya Cristál, Delta Miles, Roxy Pops, Austin Tyler, Jizzelle, Jake Glass, Hilarie Tamar, Anita Cocktail, Brittany Rolfs, Duchess of Sandwich, João Santos, Morgan Sapphire, and Scarlett Strauss.

EDGE spoke to Mackenzie about the show, Provincetown, and, of course, weed.

Mackenzie in a promo image for "CDXX Henny. The Legend of the Ganja Goddesses, a 4/20 Experience" in 2023, (Photo Credit: CDXX Henny/MacKenzie)

EDGE: This year your 4/20 show grown from like a 6 acts to 15 this year?. Can you talk about the variety the acts you have this year?

Mackenzie: I mean, so we're showcasing a lot of really wonderful talents who are year-round residents in Provincetown. And they range from singing, to drag to burlesque to dance. And it's so it's a huge, huge spectrum of talent and abilities. And we're going very 90s nostalgia with queer stoner comedy. But it's also like a Baz Luhrmann-style pop rock opera, and we're filling the show to the brand with nonstop powerhouse talent. It is visually stunning, talent wise, it's off the charts, and truly the biggest production we have ever put on. I couldn't do it without the entire community who has rallied around this and believe so heavily in this project. And it's just such a just out of this world, good kookie time.

by Robert Nesti , EDGE National Arts & Entertainment Editor

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