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'Y'all Don't Be Hugging Ur Friends???' Asks Pensive Noah Beck In Response to Gay Rumors


Since last July, influencer and ex-footballer Noah Beck has been questioned about his sexuality after he posted a video of himself dancing with a singer on stage in the Bahamas. When they stop, the singer caresses Beck's hair and tells him: "I know you're gay, just go with it," to which Beck laughs hysterically.

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Since then some of his 33M TikTok followers saw this as his fun way of coming out, which it wasn't.

"In an interview with the 'Zack Sang Show,' Beck clarified that he only shared the video because he thought it was 'funny,' reports the website What's Trending.

"I didn't think anything of it... [but] people were like: 'Is this a coming out video?' And I was like, 'No, it's just a funny video'," he told Sang.

After being pressed by Sang on whether he was coming out, Beck replied firmly: "No."

"People have a hard time... I grew up with two sisters, I grew up playing soccer and I grew up in a very female-dominated household. I'm just not afraid to be in touch with my feminine side," he further explained.

He also admonished those fans who are adamant about believing he's gay. "They're like: 'Oh no, there's no way he's not,' and I'm like: 'What's the point of even saying anything?'"

Then yesterday Twitter user welp.@YSLONIKA posted a video and pic of Zach and another guy. In the video they are holding each other on a dance floor; in the pic, the 22-year-old is giving his friend Carter Gregory a kiss on the cheek. Gregory is vice president of A&R at Capitol Records.

Zach shut down the gay rumors not long after posting a pensive face pic on Instagram Stories with the caption: "Y'all don't be hugging ur friends???"

The pic was promptly by a Twitter user .mp3@dieforyous who was unconvinced, captioning the pic: "crying noah beck saw that boyfriend post even he was weirded tf out".

Beck started posting TikTok videos during the pandemic and quickly found an audience. In addition to his large TikTok following he has 9M on Instagram and a 1.5 paid subscribers on YouTube. He dated singer Dixie D'Amelio from 2020 to 2022. In 2023 he started his own underwear brand, IPHIS.

Take a look as to why Beck is an Internet sensation:

At Coachella 2024

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