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'Gay Furries' Hacker Group Hits Far-right Media Outlet in Anti-Transphobia Crusade

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A hacker group allegedly comprised of "gay furries" has made a very public stance against transphobia with a reported cyberattack.

As reported by the DailyDot, a group known as the SiegedSec has made it known that they were behind a cyberattack on far-right media outlet Real America's Voice that resulted in the leak of personal information belonging to more than 1,200 individuals tied to the outlet's app.

Connected to right-wing media pundits such as Charlie Kirk and Steve Bannon, Real America's Voice includes streaming, cable, and satellite television channels known for stoking conspiracy theories and misinformation.

In a statement on Telegram, the SiegedSec explained that "hack reveals the personal information of 1,200+ individuals on their app, such as full name, phone number, email address." The group added, "We also went poof on their files, we wiped the user data from their API and wiped their AWS S3 bucket." It is currently unclear if Real America's Voice has suffered any permanent damage related to the attack.

According to the hacker group, the move is part of their newly-relaunched #OpTransRights campaign, which originally began last year, targeting government agencies and groups over their anti-trans policies related to transgender health care.

On April 1, SiegedSec allegedly hacked the River Valley Church in Burnsville, Minnesota in retaliation for anti-transgender remarks made by the pastor, exposing the personal data of 15,000 users, including their prayer requests, the DailyDot reports. SiegedSec also allegedly used the church's Amazon account to purchase several thousand dollars' worth of inflatable sea lions, and then doxed the church pastor Rob Ketterling.

While some LGBTQ+ supporters might view the SiegedSec group as heroes for their actions, others are concerned their actions will be used as fuel to stoke more anti-LGBTQ+ initiatives.

"Throughout our attacks on transphobic entities, we have received concerns that our attacks will be used to label the LGBTQ+ community as 'terrorists' and 'criminals'," said the SiegedSec. "The thing is, these types of people will blame the LGBTQ+ community regardless of what we do. They will look for a reason to hate, they won't listen to reason, they want to spread lies to shun people different than them."

What say you? Is the SiegedSec a hero group or a menace to society?

by Emell Adolphus

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