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You Won't Believe How Much the Abbey Nightclub Sold for in West Hollywood


The legendary Abbey in West Hollywood, California, is entering a new era.

The Abbey Food & Bar and its sister location the Chapel at The Abbey have been purchased by tech and hotel entrepreneur Tristan Schukraft for $27 million, reported The Hollywood Reporter.

Back in November, Schukraft agreed to buy the nightclub from investment banker David Cooley after it was on the market for about four months for a price tag that hasn't been revealed until now.

The listing for the 14,200-square-foot bar and accompanying restaurant was described as "a generational purchase opportunity to acquire one of the world's most iconic nightclubs and restaurants, The Abbey and The Chapel at the Abbey, including its tangible and intangible assets with all branding and branding rights to the businesses, and trophy West Hollywood real estate."

In a statement released in November, Schukraft made it known that he planned to continue the venue's legacy.

"I'm excited to build on the legacy that David Cooley created over the last 33 years at The Abbey. David built a small coffee shop on an unknown side street into one of the most famous gay bars in the country, if not the world," he said. "This is both an honor and a significant responsibility. I plan to respect and honor The Abbey's hosting while bringing new ideas that reflect our evolving LGBTQ+ community and my personal approach to hospitality. We're not just maintaining a legacy business and an international landmark; we're adding to the future of LGBTQ+ nightlife."

Here's hoping that Schukraft will upload the venue in all the right ways and more in time for the upcoming Pride season.

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