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InstaHunk: Jkab Ethan Dale Makes His Thirst Traps a Work of Art

Timothy Rawles READ TIME: 4 MIN.

For adult entertainer Jkab Ethan Dale, it all started with a wet underwear contest in San Diego. He tied for first place and was immediately approached by a scout representing adult movie mogul Sean Cody. At the time, Sean Cody was one of the top producers of gay adult content, so Jkab (pronounced Jacob) was intrigued, especially since the company wasn't known for casting Asian models.

The studio called a week later, wanting to see more of him. Though he wasn't guaranteed a contract, the company wined-and-dined him. The next step would be a solo scene, something young models are often asked to do for a first time; it's kind of like the adult industry's version of a screen test -- only it's made public. The scene would eventually end up costing Jkab his job in a national touring production of "Miss Saigon."

Eventually, Sean Cody asked him to come back. This time the video would be more than just a solo and although the offer was tempting Jkab declined.

With his theater career uncertain and his adult movie career over, Jkab didn't know what to do next. But, thanks to the viral power of TikTok Jkab wasn't forgotten. People still talked about his video and when the pandemic hit, he got an idea to produce his own content.

Now with 600,000 followers on TikTok and over 100K on Instagram Jkab is a bonafide influencer. He's also an adult content creator who unapologetically explores his sexuality whether it's by himself or with others. More importantly, he has embraced who he is sexually and is no longer embarrassed about doing it on camera.

We went through Jkab's Instagram page and picked out some of his best thirst traps. If you want to see more --- much more --- click on his link tree bracket.

Jkab isn't just another underwear model for Andrew Christian; he's the perfect embodiment of their brand identity. He exudes confidence and charisma, making their customers feel attractive and desirable regardless of their body type. It's no surprise that underwear endorsements are a major source of income for many gay adult film stars. With the adult entertainment industry thriving, designers are eager to partner with them.

Kentucky may be known for fried chicken, but Jkab is proving it's also a great place for beefcake. Poised high above the state's famous treescape, Jkab seems unbothered by the weather which can be quite chilly in spring. Kentucky also has some of the most diverse hardwood trees in America. Almost fifty percent of Kentucky is wood which might have grown higher upon Jkab's visit.

In 2023 Jkab was cast in OUTtv's reality competition show "Gogo for the Gold." The competition pits adult content creators and dancers against each other in their quest to become "America's #1 Champion Gogo Superstar." Though a strategic move by another contestant led to his elimination in episode three, Jkab left a lasting impression on the judges with his impressive dance skills and infectious enthusiasm.

by Timothy Rawles

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