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How Can iGaming Companies Ensure They Are LGBTQ+ Inclusive?


Work and company cultures have evolved as companies seek to become more inclusive. LGBTQ+ is one of the groups that has been attracting a lot of attention in recent times. We can see non-governmental organisations and individuals championing the rights of LGBTQ+ on social and print media.

The iGaming industry serves millions of users globally. It also employs many people, from casino managers, and game designers, to professional gamers. This article will explore how iGaming companies can ensure they are LGBTQ+ inclusive.

Employee Diversity and Inclusion

It is quite unfortunate that some companies in this era still discriminate against people based on their sexual preference. Some companies say that some jobs are exclusively for men or women, even though any gender can perform the tasks.

It even gets worse when gay people interview for such jobs. iGaming companies should ensure that they hire people based on qualifications only. If you head an iGaming company, let HR managers know that it is the skills that matter and not sexual orientation. A simple line like "LGBTQ+ are highly advised to apply" can do wonders.

Representation in Games

Game designers use their creations to tell stories. A close look at CasinoAlpha presents millions of games you can play today. However, very few of them want to tell the story of the LGBTQ+. Gaming companies can now start creating LGBTQ+ characters and give them roles that let them shine.

Some games allow users to select characters. We should now include LGBTQ+ characters among the selections to make this group feel at home. Game designers should also allow players to customise their characters to the colour of their choice. Including rainbow colours for customisation is a good idea.

Representation in Marketing

Marketing plays a big role in making games popular. For instance, slot creators may pay influencers, create ads, and market such games through traditional media. Game creators can also hire LGBTQ+ influencers to ensure they are LGBTQ+ inclusive.

Another approach is to avoid using stereotypical portrayals that seem to discriminate against this group. iGaming companies can also observe LGBTQ events like Pride Month and send messages of love in support of this group. A simple thing like changing website colours to reflect Pride colours can go a long way.

Hold Seminars and Talks

Queer people seem to attract a lot of unnecessary attention in various walks of life. People will want to dig deeper into their lives, which can sometimes be annoying. You are also likely to come across different groupings in the workplace based on sexual orientation.

Members of the LGBTQ community may feel misplaced in the workplace when they attract such attention. Having counsellors and trainers who help all workers understand the dynamics of this world can help reduce conflicts. Queer people will also know that they have people who understand them and care for their plight.

Create Policies

Imagine a world without rules! It could be chaotic, right? Companies have policies and rules defining how people interact and conduct themselves. Including policies that care for the LGBTQ community is one step towards an inclusive society.

Clear guidelines should govern how people interact with fellow employees and end users. Punitive measures for employees who discriminate against certain groups can also help.

Train Customer Care Representatives

The modern corporate world relies on customer care representatives to help users on various issues. However, how these representatives handle users can build or destroy your company.

An iGaming company should analyse the nature of the clients it is likely to serve. It should then train the representative to respect every caller, irrespective of sexual orientation. Making conclusions, such as calling someone sir just because of a heavy voice, may sound disrespectful. Some companies also rely on chatbots to solve various customer-related issues. Training those chatbots to be inclusive can also help.

Making the iGaming industry LGBTQ+ inclusive is a deliberate decision that various stakeholders should make. No handbook can make this idea work, but following the above points is one step ahead in making this right. Members of the LGBTQ+ community must also remember that they respect other people's rights and make the world a better place.

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