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From Smoldering Selfies to Silly Snaps: Get to Know Rising OnlyFans Model Josh King on TikTok

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Many OnlyFans influencers offer more than just explicit content. They diversify their offerings with lifestyle advice, glimpses into their daily routines, and even non-sexual posts. But queer model Josh King doesn't dabble in any of those things. This cute, chiseled hottie provides one thing and one thing only: steamy content. If you're in the mood for tons of hot pics and videos, King has something for every platform, from Twitter to Instagram (and of course OnlyFans). He also recently started a TikTok. Let's look at his sexiest vids for some pleasurable viewing and fun!

@hotguyinked2.0 Okay not all men ive liked look like girls. But some of them have, and this sound slays 🤌 #bitok #bi #bisexual #lgbtq #queer ♬ original sound - 💞 rosemary's diary 🌿

King jokes about how he's attracted to feminine men and guys, which opens up a lot of discussions on sexual orientation, bisexuality, and the study of sexual orientation as a spectrum. It's also nice to see a masculine queer man giving shine to feminine presenting gays since that group is often ridiculed and targeted through "masc for masc" people on sites like Grindr.

@hotguyinked2.0 Fancy seeing you here 👀 #fyp ♬ оригинальный звук - scar1exa

King gets a little frisky and freaky with a sensual video shirtless, showing off his belt and encouraging some kinky fantasies for his fans on the other side of the screen.

@hotguyinked2.0 I know im not the only one #queertiktok #bitok #bi #lgbtq ♬ original sound - hotguyinked2.0

King feeds into some stereotypes about straight versus bisexual men by saying he should have known he was different from the other guys by the way he wore his backpack while in school. Some folks didn't like these types of generalizations in the comments section.

@hotguyinked2.0 Start the day with me ❤️ #fyp #lgbt #gayboy #bi #foryou ♬ original sound - Artemas fan

King shows himself getting dressed in the morning and treats fans to every step of his routine. From standing in his briefs to being fully dressed in casual wear, King looks fantastic! While he typically doesn't have many comments under his videos because he's still new on TikTok, this sexy post seemed to garner quite a bit of attention (not surprising at all!)

@hotguyinked2.0 Everytime 😂 #gay #gaybar #gayboy #lgbt #fyp ♬ B.O.T.A. (Baddest Of Them All) - Eliza Rose & Interplanetary Criminal

King teases about how he used to cover up his sexuality unless a cute guy hit on him, only then being comfortable with pulling up the curtain on his authentic self. It's hard to blame him. We all want handsome men to flirt with us from time to time, right?

by Shawn Laib

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