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John Mayer Expertly Responds to All the Speculation About His Relationship With Andy Cohen

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John Mayer is tired of all the speculative conversation around his friendship with Andy Cohen, and he has come out to set the record straight.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cohen addressed allegations of toxic workplace, substance abuse, and delved into how he built Bravo's "Real Housewives" franchise from the ground up.

Cohen also saved some ink to talk about his friendship with Mayer, or rather deny that there was anything more going on with them other than being friends.

"Let them speculate" said Cohen. "I honestly love John Mayer, and he loves me. But because we are so affectionate to each other, people don't know what box to put that in. They assume we are sleeping with each other, which we are most definitely not."

According to Mayer, that Cohen had to address their friendship at all in the interview was due to some "deeply flawed" questioning on THR's part.

"I think that to suggest that people are dubious of a friendship like mine and Andy's is to undermine the public's ability to accept and understand diversity in all facets of culture, be it in art or in real life," said Mayer, addressing interviewer Co-Editor in Chief Maer Roshan directly in a letter to THR. "I'd like to think they're sophisticated enough to see a relationship like ours without assuming it must include a sexual component."

He added, "I love intelligent discourse – as I hope you'll find this email to be – but I bristle at your selectively flimsy logic meant to coax an answer, when the premise itself is so deeply flawed, and quite possibly not even quantitatively true."

Whew. Mayer's songwriting skills really come out in this.

"Your friendship with Mayer has been the subject of intense speculation," Roshan noted. "People seem dubious that a straight rock star can have a close, platonic relationship with a gay TV personality."

Mayer then went on to say, in not so many words, that if anyone thinks it is questionable for a straight man and a gay man to be friends, that's their problem.

"I don't think that shallow a view deserves clarification by anyone with self respect, be it Andy or your publication," said Mayer. "Reinforcing the idea that any gay/straight relationship needs qualification that it's not sexual devoids everyone involved of their dignity."

Mayer ended his letter with, "respectfully." And that was the classy diss we didn't see coming this year.

by Emell Adolphus

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