Jamie Dorman's thighs (foreground). Pabilo Vittar (background) Source: Instagram/composite image

InstaQueer Roundup: Our Favorite Thirst Traps from the Week, May 12

Andrea Marks Joseph READ TIME: 2 MIN.

Welcome to our latest round-up of queer Instagram thirst traps! This week we've got a tremendous thirst trap from the "Challengers" umpire; Jamie Dornan's thighs and tongue play stand-out roles in a rugby-themed photoshoot; Pabllo Vittar in bed showing us her "peach emoji"; there's a sexy new Kristen Stewart photoshoot, and Ice Spice twerks in her new, hot pink music video.

Darnell Appling, Zendaya's beloved assistant and fan-favorite "Challengers" umpire, shares a sizzling thirst trap showcasing his abs and... so much more.

If you scroll through this post of Jamie Dornan's Homme+ magazine photoshoot, you'll be rewarded with a photo of his thighs in rugby shorts. You can even have this photo series of Dornan spitting out water as a bonus.

by Andrea Marks Joseph

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