Billie Eilish performs onstage during "Hit Me Hard And Soft" Album Release Listening Party at Barclays Center on May 15, 2024 in New York City. (Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for ABA)

Oral Fixation? Billie Eilish Sings of What She Wants to Eat for Lunch

Emell Adolphus READ TIME: 1 MIN.

Pop star Billie Eilish has officially dropped her new album "Hit Me Hard and Soft" and there is a lot for listeners to digestive. However, one particular song titled "Lunch" has everyone hungry for more.

The song appears to be a thinly veiled reference by Eilish about performing oral on girls.

Eilish comes on strong in the songs opening lines, declaring, "I could eat that girl for lunch," and a reference to someone named "Claire."

Then she sings, "I'll run a shower for you like you want," adding, "clothes on the counter for you to try 'em on / If I'm allowed, I'll help you take 'em off."

Do we have the makings of a new queer anthem? Listen for yourself below.

Recently, Eilish has made multiple headlines as she talks about her queerness. She told Rolling Stone that she wrote "Lunch" before she was ever got intimate with a woman.

But Eilish said the song very much helped her realize her sexuality and realize what she truly wanted.

"Last year, I realized I want my face in a vagina," she said. And she makes that clear in "Lunch."

"You need a seat?" she sings. "I'll volunteer."

We are definitely seeing a whole new ... hungrier Billie Eilish.

by Emell Adolphus

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