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Watch: Cher Vowed to Greet Her 78th Birthday by Screaming into a Pillow

Kilian Melloy READ TIME: 2 MIN.

If she could turn back time, she probably would – but short of that, superstar Cher said she would greet her 78th birthday, which was Monday, May 20, with a scream of defiance into a pillow, Business Insider reported.

"The 'Believe' singer attended the premiere of the documentary 'Bob Mackie: Naked Illusion' in Los Angeles last week and revealed the celebration plans for her big day," Business Insider detailed, citing Entertainment Tonight.

Those big birthday plans amounted to the global icon "putting my pillow over my head and screaming."

"When asked the same question by E! News during the same event, Cher gave a similar response," Business Insider noted: "Please. God, I'm putting my head under the bed."

In her comments to ET, the iconic singer attributed "some of my success" to Mackie, whose designs she has worn for decades. Mackie also served as costume designer for the Broadway jukebox musical "The Cher Show," taking home a Tony award for his creative contributions to the show.

"He always just gave me the confidence," Cher told ET of the famed designer's outfits, adding, "I didn't care if I had clothes on or not, really."

"Mackie has designed looks for Cher from red carpet events to tour costumes," ET noted, providing flashbacks to images of some of his creations that more than flattered Cher's famously slim and curvaceous figure.

Some of the gowns Mackie designed for Cher were revealing, to say the least, and yet, Cher told ET, "I never felt naked" in his designs – even what she called "The Time cover dress," a boldly sheer creation she wore to the 1974 Met Gala that was so revealing that, Cher said, when she posed in it for a Time Magazine cover, the image resulted in the magazine's cover being "torn off in many Southern states."

But Cher also knows the value of the casual look.

"I just can't believe I will be 80 at some point, sooner than I wish," Business Insider recalled Cher telling "Good Morning Britain" last year. "And I will still be wearing my jeans, and I will still be wearing long hair, and I will still be doing the same stuff I've always done."

It's good to know that as time does indeed march on, some things stay the same.

Watch Cher's comments to Entertainment Tonight by following this link.

by Kilian Melloy , EDGE Staff Reporter

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