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Bears or Troye Sivan? Podcaster Hasan Piker Can't Decide on Hiliarous TikTok

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Podcaster Hasan Piker is the kind of hunky and handsome straight guy with a sense of humor that Ukraine-born, out influencer Art Bezrukavenko can talk about hot guys with - and maybe get a playful slap on the bum from.

In a video posted to TikTok, Bezrukavenko, clad only in an American flag-themed Speedo, quizzed Piker on whether he's gay ("No!" the tall, bearded, and buff Piker replied, with comedic emphasis), whether he's an ally to the queer community (again, Piker barked "No!" - though it's hard to believe him on this), what "the gayest thing you've ever done in your life" might be (Piker's reply: "Living in West Hollywood for 10 years"), and what kind of guys he'd like if he were gay.

Mulling over that last question, Piker came up with, "Bears! Yeah, big, burly men."

However, a moment later, after Bezrukavenko asked Piker whether he'd "be a top or a bottom," the straight podcaster did a startling 180.

"You know what? I rescind that statement," Piker said. "I would, uh... Troye Sivan."

"So you like twinks," Bezrukavenko said.

But Piker hesitated again: "I guess he's a top," Piker said of Sivan, the implication being that if Sivan is a top, then Piker would have to be the bottom. "So maybe not."

Bezrukavenko disagreed. "He's a top?" the Ukranian influencer grinned. "No, I don't think so!"

Check out the TikTok video of the exchange, which unfolded next to the Grindr bus.

@artbezrukavenko Get your facts straight #pridemonth ♬ original sound - Art Bezrukavenko 🎃

Bezrukavenko's "Kiss or Slap" segments are widely popular, and in the end he accepted a swat on the bottom from the straight, but playful, Piker.

"That good?" Piker asked as Bezrukavenko hopped around in delight.

"That was good!" the interviewer declared. "Thank you, sir!"

Gay Twitter was more than appreciative of Piker's willingness to display his confidence in himself by appearing in the lighthearted video.

"bro already cracked the code, this ain't his first rodeo 😂," one person posted.

"Once hasan begged me to lick his feet," another claimed.

"The H in LGBT stands for Hasan," a third person raved.

Have a look at what others posted:

He might be straight, but Piker knows how to give a good thirst trap. Check out a few of his Instagram posts:

by Kilian Melloy , EDGE Staff Reporter

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