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Getting to Know Rising Thoughtful Influencer Shomari Francis

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Handsome models are more than common on Instagram. Search the trending topics and hashtags for a few minutes, and you'll surely find someone who catches your eye. Because it's so hard to stand out from the crowd, models must add creative flair or a unique twist to their art. Shomari Francis fits this description as well as one of his cozy sweaters or swimming trunks in the summer sun.

Francis has been modeling for three years now. He frequently posts on Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube when he wants to be more philosophical or contemplative about the meaning of his life and how modeling makes him think about the world in a new way. Let's take a look at his social media posts to get a clearer look at this sexy, smart influencer!

Of all the exercises Francis does on a routine basis, it's his deep breathing regimen that does wonders for his mental and physical health. In this YouTube video, he gives fans some personal advice on breathing, being in touch with your inner rhythm, and how the simple things in life often lead to health benefits in the long run.

Francis gives fans one of his signature thirst trap tropes: A classy, yet thirst-worthy look at his chest and abs. An open purple shirt and a beautiful smile accompany the nice weather outside for the perfect sexy photoshoot.

Francis shows off his pits and his flexibility as he acrobatically poses in the pink flowers. He makes sure to credit his wonderful photographer, Eddie Blagbrough, for the pristine and crisp photos that make us want to live in springtime forever!

Francis looks happy and healthy relaxing in the grass and sipping on a drink. Fans enjoyed his bigger hairstyle and complimented his radiant smile.

by Shawn Laib

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