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13 Pics to Get to Know Out Olympian and OnlyFans Star Matthew Mitcham

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Before Tom Daley was everyone's favorite gay Olympic diver, Matthew Mitcham was winning gold medals and breaking records in the sport at the 2008 Games in Beijing. Hailing from Australia, Mitcham was the first openly gay athlete to ever win a gold medal, a distinction that makes him one of the forebears of modern LGBTQ+ success in sports. Mitcham is now retired and living his best life as a social media influencer, and is now an OnlyFans model!

We thought it would be a good time to reintroduce Mitcham into your life with a glance at his best IG posts that show off his thirst-worthiness and vibrant personality. You'll get a glance at his relationship with husband Luke Rutherford and more!

Mitcham is all tied up in this photoshoot where he shows off his upper body and is blindfolded. The racy thirst trap plays into the more unique nature of modeling that he might be willing to share with people who subscribe to his content on OnlyFans, and it's also a treat for those who like to revel in more unconventional photography.

This thirst trap from Mitcham shows off his handsome face as well as his in-shape upper body. The photo cuts off right at his waist, but viewers can still see that Mitcham may have forgotten to put on some swimming trunks at the beach on this day. This is a racy touch that had to have been an intentional choice by the diver!

The background sunrise in this photo makes for a very romantic and beautiful vibe! The location he's at is Byron Bay, Australia, and fans commented how much they wish they could visit this locale Down Under. Mitcham's exuberant smile adds to his attractiveness while standing in front of the Australian waters.

Mitcham is clearly someone who enjoys traveling in his free time since leaving the world of Olympic diving. Here he stands prone in front Mossman Gorge in the Daintree Rainforest. Many commenters were more interested in Mitcham's stylish speedo that shows off his legs and, well, more.

Mitcham feels like he was getting ready to launch an OnlyFans with this IG post from December 2022. Here the athlete has a cheeky grin while revealing a side profile of his bare body and lower half. The hashtags accompanying the post definitely indicate he's ready to embrace his sexy side!

Mitcham takes underwear modeling on for a try with a black-and-white pairing of shorts from UnderBracks. Mitcham is proud that the proceeds from the underwear sales are partially contributed to a mental health organization titled One in Five in Australia. Looking good and helping others is a combination that makes anyone look extra sexy, right? Of course it does!

by Shawn Laib

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