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Our Favorite Queer Music Videos of the Fall Part 2

Andrea Marks Joseph READ TIME: 11 MIN.

The latest hits were all about the girls doing their thing. Reneé Rapp and Coco Jones collab on a remix; Kali Uchis & KAROL G wrote a sexy sapphic song together; Sevdaliza and Grimes sang about not wanting to waste their youth. Many of these videos showcase a feeling of rebirth: Dove Cameron as an apocalypse goddess; Megan Thee Stallion becoming a cobra, shedding her skin; and Baby Tate debuting her drag persona in the music video for "Wig." Here are our favorite music videos of the month:

Dove Cameron - "Sand"

"You have more pieces of me than the desert has sand, and I have less pieces of you than I can hold in my hand." Dove Cameron's giving goddess of fierce natural elements energy in this evocative video, which she's called "the apocalypse renaissance video of my dreams." She's dancing on epic mountains of lava, sprawled nonchalantly across a bed of hot coals, and playing piano with evidence of volcanic eruptions in the distance behind her.

Megan Thee Stallion - "Cobra"

"Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past, over and over again." We're privileged to watch the rebirth of Megan Thee Stallion in this new era of music as she frees herself from her painful past. We literally watch Megan shed her skin here, while she's dropping bars about everything she's been through. "Cobra" is raw and revealing, vulnerable and powerful, and she held a real live 20ft snake while filming this!

Sleater Kinney - "Say It Like You Mean It"

J. Smith-Cameron (the actor who plays "Succession" fan favorite, Gerri) is the star of this stylish black-and-white video, directed by queer Sleater Kinney musician Carrie Brownstein. She's singing desperately, frantically asking to be seen, in a room where no one seems to notice her at all, despite her dancing right in front of them, pulling on their clothes, and twirling their hair. Her performance matches perfectly with the aching lyrics of the song.

Kali Uchis & KAROL G - "Labios Mordidos"

In this sensual, sapphic song, the artists sing about girls being turned on for them, Kali Uchis declaring "Tonight I'm a lesbian, you make me want it." The video's whole vibe is about filling a lavish mansion with hot women and throwing a party where they dance all day and night together –in the pool, in the rain, while cheering on a fight in a boxing ring. They're shaking ass in the pool, caressing each other on the staircase, and getting up-close and personal on the dancefloor. "Labios Mordidos" is raucous, seductive fun, with a literally explosive ending.

Reneé Rapp & Coco Jones - "Tummy Hurts (Remix)"

Rapp and Jones sing their hearts out in this collab about toxic men who have hurt them. The "Tummy Hurts (Remix)" video fills an empty house with gorgeous men staring vacantly while the even more gorgeous women sing to and about them. The strategically placed laced-up cut-outs on Coco's dress add another captivating aspect to the video, while the stripped down surroundings make sure we feel the sultry power of their voices even more magnificently.

by Andrea Marks Joseph

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