Madonna on Nightline in 1990 speaking on AIDS

You Won't Believe Why the Museum Had to Apologize to Madonna

Emell Adolphus READ TIME: 1 MIN.

No they didn't! New York City's Museum of Sex was forced to issue a big apology to the Queen of Pop for mischaracterizing and diminishing her involvement in the HIV/AIDS awareness movement of the 1980s.

As reported by the Daily Mail, an exhibit display included a placard that read that 1980s music videos and musicians, like Madonna, Prince and other "mainstream musicians" had "failed to openly acknowledge the devastation of the moment."

Visitors to the museum allegedly took notice and quickly sounded the alarm in Madonna's defense – sharing interviews, newspaper clippings and even album art as proof that Madonna was more than involved in awareness. In result, the museum issued an apology.

Even the AIDS Memorial Twitter account got in on calling on the Museum of Sex to "get your facts right."

In its response, the Museum said: 'We have since amended our signage in the museum to point out the early steps Madonna took to bring attention to the AIDS crisis."

They added, "We regret any negative light this may have shined. It was purely unintentional."

In truth, Madonna is known to be one of the first public figures to openly advocate and discuss those suffering from HIV/AIDS. She still puts that advocacy front and center in her work – even on her most recent Celebration tour.

by Emell Adolphus

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