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A More Explicitly Homoerotic '300' Might Be on the Way, According to Zack Snyder

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Are you ready for more gratuitous nakedness and violence? Famed action director Zack Snyder just might be the man to give it to you.

Appearing on the Joe Rogan podcast to promote his second "Rebel Moon" film on Netflix, Snyder let it slip that he is considering a "300" series.

"Did you ever think about putting a bunch of gay stuff in there?" Rogan asked Snyder. To which he responded, "It's Frank's book; I made what Frank wrote."

Despite lots of hot bodies, Snyder explained why there wasn't an overt gay storyline in the first film and rather those elements would be included in a potential series.

"Now, in retrospect–and we've been talking about doing a ['300'] series where I really want to, like, introduce those concepts a lot more because I think it's important. If we go forward and do more in the '300' universe, I would want to bring that [homoerotic] part in, which I think people–I think it just shakes it up," said Snyder. "Like, 'what?' Right when you thought you knew like how to feel [about the series], I'm going to make you feel another way."

In their discussion, Snyder and Rogan pointed to historical references that confirmed homosexuality acts were very much a part of life during the time.

"As we go forward, I would love to just kind of stress...Look, '300' in some ways is one of the gayest movies ever made," Snyder said. "It is incredibly male-centric, male-obsessed. You really feel very strong male energy from that movie. Maybe that was just my understanding, doing the research and understanding Spartan culture, that that energy was in there. It was important to make sure there was a visceral sexuality to the way the men actually interacted. Regardless of whether you acknowledge it, it's there."

We'd love to see it!

Watch Snyder's full convo with Rogan at this link..

by Emell Adolphus

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