InstaHunk Unveiled: Dive into Out Actor Froy Gutierrez's Rise with his Best Instagram Posts

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Scrolling through Froy Gutierrez's Instagram is like watching a Hollywood heartthrob transform from teen idol into a major star. Every picture is a new phase of his career whether it be a cast snap from "Bella and the Bulldogs" when he was 17, or a cloudburst of photos foreshadowing a leading man in the making.

Not even a year ago, Gutierrez and Zane Phillips announced on Instagram they were in a relationship together. Their sexy photo was a deliciously provocative example of a budding Hollywood power couple.

Now Gutierrez, 26, is gearing up for a very exciting event. His film "The Strangers: Chapter 1," a reboot of the 2008 horror film, is opening on May 17. His last movie was "Hocus Pocus 2" in which he played cluelessly cute high school football player Mike. Before that, he was on MTV's "Teen Wolf," a sexier and more dramatic version of the Michael J. Fox '80s comedy in which a young man experiences lycanthropy while navigating through his last year of high school. For the reboot, Gutierrez played Nolan Holloway, a human lacrosse player unwittingly exposed to the supernatural world.

Movies and TV shows aren't the only mediums Gutierrez pursues; he is a singer too. In 2019 he released "Fix Me," a smooth and haunting lament about failing mental health.

With his star on the rise, the multi-talented Gutierrez is bound to become more than a supporting player in Tinseltown. "The Strangers: Chapter 1" is just the beginning and we bet that his good looks and willingness to take risks will propel him to super-stardom very soon.

While we wait, let's take a look at some of his best Instagram posts to remind us of how his hard work and good looks might earn him a star on the glittery sidewalk of the city of dreams.

This picture was taken for Wonderland Magazine, a publication that focuses on all trends in pop culture. "Teen Wolf" became one such fixture when it premiered in 2011. It ran for six years, Gutierrez joining the cast in its final season. The show served up attractive actors and supernatural storylines with a huge fandom in tow. Froy fit right in and stayed for eight episodes on the final season.

Translated, "La forma en que me gusta empezar mi primer día del año" means "The way I like to start my first day of the year." Gutierrez is bilingual and as a part of the Latinx community, he was excited to get cast as Josh in the reboot of Norman Lear's ethnic reboot of "One Day at a Time." This new version followed a Cuban American family dealing with racism, homophobia, and familial drama. Gutierrez likes when TV shows push boundaries especially when it comes to cultural diversity. He said in a 2017 interview, "The front that we are on right now is we need to see more representation for the more marginalized people."

Gutierrez's caption of this post is a quote from Shirley Jackson's novel "The Haunting of Hill House." The original film and the novel are considered classics. It's not clear why he would include this quote in his post but it could be interpreted as when he dreams it's an escape from the pressures of reality.

by Timothy Rawles

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