Flips, Follows, and Pride: Why Out Gymnast Samuel Phillips is Your Next Instagram Obsession

Shawn Laib READ TIME: 4 MIN.

Wanting an LGBTQ+ athlete to cheer on? Look no further than Samuel Phillips, a talented gymnast for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Openly bisexual, Phillips came out after joining the team and has become a beacon of representation for LGBTQ+ athletes, especially in the midwest, inspiring others to be true to themselves.

He has hundreds of posts on Instagram detailing his fight for equality, his successes in gymnastics, and his adventures outside of the sport. Come along with us and learn about how Phillips is changing the game for bisexual sportsmen!

While many celebrate LGBTQ+ visibility in sports, a significant number of college athletes still struggle with coming out. The pressure to perform and anxieties about societal acceptance can make expressing their sexual identities a challenge. Phillips is one of those who is trying to open up doors and blaze a trail for others by telling his story and being authentic about his feelings during the coming out process, something he details in this poignant video on IG.

Phillips is going to continue his collegiate gymnastics career with the University of Illinois next year. He announced the transfer from Nebraska to Illinois on IG with this commemorative post that included lots of congratulations from folks in the comments section.

Phillips says goodbye to Nebraska with a heartfelt letter after several years and millions of memories with the gymnastics team. Anyone who's gone to college understands how loyal we get to our schools and the effect the universities have on students. Phillips will always hold Nebraska close to his chest in his journey going forward.

Phillips does a classic "get ready with me" video showing off his spring style. He looks incredible in his rose-studded jeans, white tank top, and cream shirt. No queer man's IG would be complete without one of these videos!

by Shawn Laib

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