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As Production Resumes on New 'White Lotus' Season, We've Curated Our Ultimate Dream Cast

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Ever since Jennifer Coolidge's iconic Tanya fell to her death in the operatic conclusion of HBO's "The White Lotus," the gays have been obsessed. Whether you danced the night away at last year's Pride to the theme song as it crescendoed over a sick beat, or couldn't stop seeing "These gays! They're trying to murder me!" on every Instagram meme for months on end, there's no denying the fervor of one of the most talked about shows of the decade.

Now that the actor's strike has finally come to an end, excitement and intrigue is once again swirling around the upcoming third season, which was announced last March to be taking place in Thailand. So far, the only nugget out creator Mike White has dropped is that show will focus on "death and Eastern religion and spirituality." We're intrigued!

But what's even more intriguing is the mystery around which lucky thespians will be checking into the resort when the show finally resumes in 2025 (I know, we can't believe we have to wait that long either).

It's the golden ticket that any actor would dream to snatch, and while we'll have to hold onto our Vespa a bit longer before any announcements are made, our editors have curated a list with our ultimate dream cast....juuuust in case Mr. White is listening.

So far, the only Season 3 cast announced is the return of Natasha Rothwell's Belinda from Season 1, set to reprise her role. And we know that Harry Styles won't be part of the show.

Here's who else we would DIE (no pun intended) to see on our screens:

Jessica Lange attends "The Politician" New York Premiere at DGA Theater on September 26, 2019 in New York City.
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Jessica Lange

Let's face it, "American Horror Story" was never the same after this two-time Academy Award winner left the show. With her pained expressions and brilliantly biting delivery, Jessica would be the perfect choice for Season 3. Give her a backstory with lots of dark secrets, and we can only imagine what simmering rage might unleash onto the other guests, in the way only this powerhouse actress can.

Matt Bomer & Cheyanne Jackson

After seeing Matt Bomer more down and dirty than we've ever seen him before in Showtime's "Fellow Travelers," he automatically earns a spot on our list. Who doesn't want to see more of the human Ken doll himself, preferably bathing poolside? Perhaps he can be one half of a gay couple vacationing in the Far East. We're thinking Cheyanne Jackson would be great as his lover. Let's just make sure the couple is on shaky ground, which will ensure the viewers lots of passionate make-up sex.

Cate Blanchett attends the 2023 Fragrance Foundation Awards at David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center on June 15, 2023 in New York City.
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Cate Blanchett

When we think of a rich, privileged, self-absorbed white woman who looks down upon the staff who serve her, we can't think of a better person to do it than miss Lydia Tár herself. A true master of her craft, Cate has not only the look, but the acting chops to back it up, leaving us enchanted with her every line.

Colman Domingo

If "The White Lotus" needs intrigue, Colman can definitely deliver. From Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" to "If Beale Street Could Talk," Colman is proving to be one of the most interesting queer actors consistently working today. Let's not forget his heart-breaking role as a self-proclaimed "crackhead trying to do some good on this earth," mentoring the troubled Rue (Zendaya) on HBO's "Euphoria," where he reels off lengthy mouthfuls of dialogue without flinching. Domingo also stars in the long-deserved breakthrough role in Netflix's "Rustin," where he shines as the late gay civil rights activist and March on Washington organizer Bayard Rustin.

Niecy Nash

Our minds were utterly blown at Niecy's intense portrayal as Glenda Cleveland on "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story." Niecy shocked the world with her dramatic acting skills and has proven herself as a comic actress with roles on "Getting On" and "Claws." So, we have no reservations about her tackling any role on the show, whether she be on the staff at the resort, or one of the guests. We'll let Mike White keep us guessing!

Hunter Schafer

Fresh off her "Hunger Games" stint, Schafer is now one of the most interesting trans actors out there. Whether she's sporting an albino look with no eyebrows, or donning glitter tears on "Euphoria," this elfin sprite can put on an intriguing show. We have no doubt she would stir up some trouble at "The White Lotus."

Pedro Pascal

He's just so lovable. Need we say more? Always the warm zaddy who fills our hearts, it might be fun to see Pedro turn to the dark side this time around. Somehow, we still don't think we'll stop loving him.

by Jake Myers

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